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Ursula Bugembe,rscj

Indeed, when one finds the pearl of great price one sells all to buy that pearl Let me also try to enter by another door, my favorite Scripture text: “Unless a grain of wheat falls into the ground, it remains but a single grain but when it dies it bears much fruit” (John 12:24-26) As an old woman now, I feel this text explains my first experience of call. When I look back on that first moment when I heard it in my heart, it sounded like someone affirming me in some way. I was in our family plantation where my mother had sent me to bring her a banana leaf. I felt lifted up and leapt with joy. I got what mother had sent me for and started dancing as I returned to share my message with her. Read more »

The Story of My Vocation

Teresa Aura, RSCJ

The story of my vocation to religious life began when I was a young girl through the influence of my mother. My mother was in a school administered by the Sisters of Mary of Kakamega in Mukumu. She appreciated the education she received and always talked well of the sisters. She would tell me that the sisters were very good to them and they taught them how to pray, good manners, and sang well. Read more »


Margaret Mwarili, RSCJ

My desire for religious life began before I went to primary school. My family had two religious nuns; my paternal aunt and a cousin to my father. Both are in a local congregation in Kenya. My aunt used to visit home with other sisters and priests from different congregations. Their visits usually touched me. All the religious I encountered were so good, loving and their lives spoke to me of the goodness of God. After the death of my father, many of the sisters accompanied us in school and ensured that the government release my father’s money for education of his children. Read more »


Nancy Koke, RSCJ

As a student at the Academy of the Sacred Heart, St. Louis (City House), young Nancy probably never imagined that she would one day live in the heart of Africa. Born February 18, 1943 in St. Louis, Missouri, she was introduced to the Society of the Sacred Heart in kindergarten. She grew up learning about Saint Madeleine Sophie Barat and the history and traditions of the Society. She gained a clear sense of the Society’s mission early on and was struck by the joy and serenity of those who taught her, as well as their desire to bring out the best in each person. Now, as she celebrates fifty years from her first vows in the Society, it is she whose mission it is to bring out the best in those with whom she works. Read more »


Irene Mmbaya, RSCJ

I am the first born of eight children together with my elder step sister. I was born in 1976. I thank the Lord for His goodness and love for me and my family. I was born in a God-fearing family with my parents being members of special prayer groups in the church. They extended this to the family where we had prayer daily. As we grew up, this inspired me to love prayer. Read more »

God’s Holding and Guidance is so Amazing

Rose Gichangi, RSCJ

I was born into a catholic family. I was introduced by my parents into the church. My grandmother who was also my Godmother had trained me how to behave in church, participate in different activities like taking readings, cleaning, singing, children games and praying. Little did I know that this was initiating me to what became my interest: serving in the church as a religious after seeing sisters visiting our outstation. I admired them and shared with my mother that I would like to become a sister. She told me I needed first to work hard at school. Read more »

Lord, Here I Am, Send Me

Flo Tumukunde, RSCJ

I was born March 22nd 1957. I am the first born of ten children in my family. Among the ten children two are my sisters and seven are my step-brothers and step-sisters. My mother was twenty four years old when she died delivering my third sister. I was three and a half years old when she died. I do not remember many things about her. My father tells me that he was twenty six when my mother died. My father is now eighty two years old and he still tells me that my mother’s death is the most painful thing he has ever faced in his life. Read more »


Redempta-Kalundu, RSCJ

At a very tender age, I began to feel something unique within me, a desire to be like that priest that I had seen celebrating mass one Sunday morning in my parish. This goes back to the time I was six years old. I loved those vestments of the priest; green and white, I remember. My favorite moments were the times of mass when a priest would spread out his hands and the vestments would also spread. Read more »


Nakato Betty, RSCJ

Nakato Betty, RSCJ

Being alone with God, caring for the interior life has been the source of fruitfulness, joy and vitality for me. Being alone with the Lord leads me to a place where I am able to unite myself to the risen Christ, to whom I bring my joys and sorrows and from whom I draw the strength to pronounce my “yes” and face the challenges encountered in my day-to-day living with courage, confidence and hope; believing that it is from the challenges that I continue to discover my inner hidden self and my ability to remain focused on the One who has called me regardless of the storms of life. Staying in solitude with God has enabled me to find direction for my life. At times I just choose to freely stop in order to admire, love and simply wonder at God’s art of creation which is highly manifested in nature and in the human beings I encounter each moment of my life. This is leading me to remain in constant awareness of my creator whose presence is revealed in all created things.

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"I will try” to “Let it be!!!"

Maria Eugenia Herrera, RSCJ

Maria Eugenia Herrera, RSCJ

Since I left home, it will be 34 years on June 16th this year. I will never forget that day! My experience of consecrated life has been an amazing, mysterious and long process. It is all about the relationship between God and me, growing in His knowledge and my own self-knowledgeact. This reality, normal though in the Teso culture built in me the ability to live inclusively with any person beyond space or time; all of which have helped me in living internationality in my vocation and in mission. I was baptized and brought up a Catholic and have always felt tremendously loved by God, my family and our extended family.

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Margie Conroy, rscj Ten years ago, at the age of 74, I returned to Karamoja after an absence of ten years. It was not an easy move, though I loved Karamoja, for I had been very active teaching the novices and involved in Justice and Peace work after spending 6 years as Provincial. My return to Karamoja was, in fact, the beginning of real retirement, though signs of old age such as deafness and poor balance had been with me for some time. I went to Naoi in Moroto with no clear ministry except to be a support to the other overworked members of my community. I occupied myself with reading and with writing an account of the different houses of the Province

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