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Who We Are

The Society of the Sacred Heart is an official Religious Congregation within the Catholic Church. The Religious of the Sacred Heart (RSCJ), Uganda/Kenya Province is part of an international community founded by St. Madeleine Sophie in 1800 and today numbering more than 2200 in 41 countries. Over the years, since our first foundation in Uganda in 1962 with six RSCJ, many Religious of the Sacred Heart from our international congregation have helped to establish this province of Uganda/Kenya.

RSCJ – These are the initials each Religious of the Sacred Heart puts after her name. They stand for Religieuse du Sacré-Cœur de Jésus. As our congregation was founded in France, and now is found all over the world, we have kept these initials

Our Charism is to glorify the Heart of Jesus by endeavoring to enable each person we serve or collaborate with in ministry be aware that she/he is precious and gifted by God; to draw out and encourage that giftedness so that the person may grow in awareness of their gifts and use their gifts to help others. In a nut shell, we are called to radiate the very love of the Heart of Jesus.

Our mission in the church is to make known God's love whose source and symbol is for us the Heart of Jesus Christ. We participate in this mission through the service of education, educating to justice, peace and integrity of creation.

RSCJ logo"Our Logo reflects our Spirituality which is "one movement - from the Heart of Christ to the world and back to the Heart of Christ. The Sacred Heart is a love that draws us outwards and the openness of the heart in the logo is a symbol of that. The cross that links the ends of the heart says that to be truly loving, to be open to the world is not simply to have a cosy feeling or to look at others from afar. There is depth to the loving that passes through the cross. It puts before us the truth that our ministry is so much more than what we do and for this reason we continue to live it to the day we die. The heart surrounding the world tells us that our ministry is on-going, that there is never a moment when we cease to carry it out. Our call as the Religious of the Sacred Heart is to discover and reveal that love with which we have been gifted, a love that we send across the world through our bringing that world before the God who made us."

Reflection by Jeanne de Charry, RSCJ