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rscj Margaret Mwarili Margaret Mwarili, RSCJ

My desire for religious life began before I went to primary school. My family had two religious nuns; my paternal aunt and a cousin to my father. Both are in a local congregation in Kenya. My aunt used to visit home with other sisters and priests from different congregations. Their visits usually touched me. All the religious I encountered were so good, loving and their lives spoke to me of the goodness of God. After the death of my father, many of the sisters accompanied us in school and ensured that the government release my fatherís money for education of his children. It never was a problem even when my aunt was not there. Any of the sisters would come to visit us in school. For all my education, I went to schools run by nuns. The nuns took care of us as though we were their own children. In the boarding schools I went through, I also encountered different priests, missionary and local. They also inspired me a lot. By then, I thought I was free to choose between being a sister and being a priest. At one point I wanted to be a priest too to say Mass and bring the peace of God to all.

While I was in primary school, I joined the Legionary of Mary group, devotional groups and the church choir. All these groups brought me closer to God. After High school, I worked at the Catholic bookshop in Nairobi. This enabled me to meet many religious from different congregations. In my studies of scripture in high school (especially St. Paulís first letter to the Corinthians) I had begun questioning why there were so many congregations. I was inspired to look for a congregation bearing the name of Jesus himself and which for me would accommodate all people. After prayer, guidance and reflection, I choose the Society of the Sacred Heart of Jesus congregation because of its name and mission of education. For me this congregation stood for unity of all who belonged to Jesus. I applied to join the congregation and after several visits, on January 17th 1989, I was accepted to join Chekalini community as an interested woman.

I spent nine months with the sisters and the left to obtain a professional course. Since I was interested in Biology and Chemistry, I opted for the one and a half yearsí Agricultural course as an extension officer at Baraka Agricultural College for. I obtained a diploma in Agriculture with a distinction and came back to join religious life.

I made first vows on February 5th 1994 and final profession on June 22nd 2003. Our charism is to make know the love of the heart of Jesus through the service of education. Since joining the congregation, I have been blessed in living our charism and mission in varied situations.