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What We Do

In Uganda we are serving in the following ministries:

Sacred Heart Primary School, Kyamusansala

Sacred Heart Primary School, Kyamusansala, is a private girls' day and boarding school located in the rural southern part of Uganda 194 kilometres from Kampala. It is one of the many schools of the Society of the Sacred Heart throughout the world.

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St. Charles Lwanga Girls' Training Centre, Kalungu, Masaka

Kalungu school was begun in 1967 by the Missionaries of Africa, the White Fathers. The founder of the school who was also the first headmaster was Fr. Emiliano La Croix. He was a man of vision, a great educator and believed in the capabilities of the girl-child.

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Ministry to our friends, the prisoners of Kalungu

How did our friendship begin? It is very interesting. My first contact with Kalungu Prison was through the prison warden. I went to ask her if the prisoners could assist us plant sweet potatoes in the school garden. It was still raining in September and I wanted to plant before the rains ended. There were 25 prisoners who came. They dug well and did the planting. One of them said, 'When we come to work for you, we are not abused. We are not called thieves or murderers. Often people run away as we pass by. They don't want to associate with us. But you are different. You seem to love us.'

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Kangole Girls' Senior Secondary School, Karamoja

The school educates young Karimojong women to enable them transform their community hence contribute to the nation of Uganda with integrity.

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Home Based Care for HIV/AIDS Clients in Karamoja

Home Based Care is a program which the Religious of the Sacred Heart in Naoi, Karamoja, run for people who are struggling to cope with being HIV + or who are actually sick with AIDS. They work with a group of volunteers; most of them HIV positive themselves.

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Pastoral Work in Naoi parish, Karamoja

The pastoral work of our Sisters in Naoi Parish is to accompany the people's Faith and to direct them to the right places in their needs: to hospital, social services, government etc.

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Women's Promotion Programme, Naoi, Karamoja

There are four groups in different outstations. Each group meets once a week. They begin with Gospel sharing, which they have learnt to do and they share deeply.

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Women for Peace, Moroto, Karamoja

We have Peace Pilgrimages. The women, coming from neighbouring villages, report at the Parish in the evening. The following morning after Mass, we have the traditional bless and prayer before setting out on foot to places we can reach: Rupa, Naitakwae, Loputuk, Kanakomol; six kilometres distance at the most.

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Prison Ministry, Moroto, Karamoja

This is a very small ministry compared with, for example, the work being done by our Sisters in the huge prison in Kinshasa, Congo, but it is one that gives joy to us and a little happiness to the prisoners.

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St. Bernadette's Primary School, Nakibizzi

St. Bernadette Primary School is a government aided Catholic founded school in Mukono District under Lugazi Diocese. The school is from Nursery to Primary Seven.

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Tertiary Education in Uganda

Two RSCJ in Uganda are teaching at Tertiary level, one at Kyambogo University, Kampala, and one at Kisubi Brothers' University College, Entebbe.


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