RSCJ | Pastoral Work in Naoi parish, Karamoja

Pastoral Work in Naoi parish, Karamoja

Sister Paulina accompanying villagers in Bible sharing.  Sister Jo, in white hat, is a visitor.The pastoral work of our Sisters in Naoi Parish is to accompany the people's Faith and to direct them to the right places in their needs: to hospital, social services, government etc.

Parishioners gathering at an outstation to celebrate the Word of God. A catechist or Sister Paulina will conduct the service.In this way to empower people to do things by themselves. In carrying out this apostolate, our Sisters visit villages and slums, family by family. They also try to follow up the parents of babies' who have been newly baptised and the adults who have recently received the Sacraments. On Sundays they lead the Service of the Word with the Catechists and give Communion.