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The Story of Josephine Adibo

Josephine AdiboI am the third born in a polygamous family of seven. I have been blessed to be born in a family of very strong bonds in the North Eastern part of Uganda. I have a step mother who lives with my mum but the bonds we have for each other as a family make this reality completely invisible. It is one of those areas as family we always giggle about. Everyone who comes to our family thinks my step mother is our eldest sister. My step mum and my mum enjoy laughing at this fact. This reality, normal though in the Teso culture built in me the ability to live inclusively with any person beyond space or time; all of which have helped me in living internationality in my vocation and in mission. I was baptized and brought up a Catholic and have always felt tremendously loved by God, my family and our extended family.

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The Story of Margie Conroy

Margaret ConroyI was born in Newfoundland in 1930 when it was still a colony of Great Britain. My father died when I was 9 months old and for a time we lived (my mother, brother and myself) with my father's parents and 7 uncles and aunts. At about 5 I went to Mass with Granny one dark winter morning and at the consecration had a totally unexpected and pivotal meeting with God. I knew it was God and that God had claimed me.

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The Story of Restie Nalubega

Restie NalubegaMy home is in Masaka District, Bisanje parish. We were many in my family but as of now six have died! Two died as infants. I am born of Mr Paul Lubega and Ms Imelda Nantale. I have a strong relationship with my mother. I learned many things from my mother, especially patience, hard work and trust in God's providence. She is a very hard-working woman. I worked a lot with her to raise fees for my education.

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The Story of Rose Gichangi

Rose GichangiMoments of awareness of the friendship and love of God are the best moments I have ever experienced. I was born in a Catholic family. My desire to join religious life started when I was a child when Sisters of Mary Immaculate and Franciscan Elizabethans were working in our parish. I admired the way they worked with a deep desire to serve with love.

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