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St. Bernadette Primary School, Nakibizzi

St. Bernadette's Primary School, NakibizziSt. Bernadette Primary School is a government-aided Catholic founded school in Mukono District under Lugazi Diocese. The school is from Nursery to Primary Seven.


At Mbiko one evening, we were praying over the Gospel of the day, the parable of the man who found a treasure hidden in a field and for joy sold all he had and bought that field. One person said, yes, it was true that you can't have the treasure without having the field with it, a field that may well have a large share of weeds and rocks and soil that is not fertile as well as the treasure. If you want the treasure you have to 'buy' the whole community, the whole church, the whole family. for 'sheer joy'. As the Medical Mission hymn puts it: 'The ground is the people who long to be healed. If you really love the treasure, love the whole field.'

Students at St. BernadetteLucy Kabagweri said with a big sigh, 'Oh that is so true. My field is St. Bernadette Primary School and I find the Lord there every day, but so many problems as well, so many children who are suffering, so many families that are broken. Take this boy in my class. Last term he was so happy, involved in everything, always on time, doing well in his class work. But this term he has changed completely. Even his appearance has changed. He comes to school in a dirty uniform, often late. He doesn't participate in anything and he looks so sad and angry. Recently I took him aside to ask him what was wrong, what had happened to make him so sad. He said, "My mother has left us. My father quarreled with her, said she was taking his money and she packed her things and left." How many are you? I asked. "We are four, and the youngest is still a baby. I am the first born." Who is looking after the baby? "My father has hired a house girl to look after the baby and cook and clean, but she goes home on weekends and then I do it." This poor boy is ten, carrying all this and trying to attend school as well. The baby has just returned from hospital and it was the house girl that took her and looked after her, not her mother.

Students of St. Bernadette's Primary School, NakibizziI said to the boy, I will give you a note for your father asking him to come and see me because your work has gone down. You are even losing weight. Are you eating properly? "Often, when Daddy is not around, the house girl gives us porridge for the evening meal." He took the note home but the father answered that he was very busy at the moment. He would come later. Pray that he comes and that he is open and that I can ask him to invite his wife back for the sake of his children. This is just one child but there are so many. They need someone to talk to. I could spend my whole time listening to them.'

Sadly, there were so many problems with the family and the boy's father was not able or ready to allow this boy to continue in St. Bernadette's.

We prayed for that boy and for his siblings. Lucy's heart is tender and she really loves 'the whole field' of St. Bernadette's and knows that her treasure is there in the midst of these children.

Sister Margie Conroy, RSCJ