RSCJ | St. Charles Lwanga Girls' Training Centre, Kalungu, Masaka

St. Charles Lwanga Girls' Training Centre, Kalungu, Masaka

Kalungu school was begun in 1967 by the Missionaries of Africa, the White Fathers. The founder of the school who was also the first headmaster was Fr. Emiliano La Croix. He was a man of vision, a great educator and believed in the capabilities of the girl-child.

Library of St. Charles Lwanga Girls Training Centre, Kalungu, Masaka

In establishing the school, the founder had two major objectives in mind:

  1. To train girls in practical skills such as typing, sewing, home-economics, carpentry, etc., bearing in mind that most village girls would drop out of school and these practical skills would make them self-reliant.
  2. To provide academic education as is done elsewhere in secondary schools.

The Religious of the Sacred Heart, took over the administration of Kalungu G.T.C in 1984 and have remained true to the school's mission, i.e. to help young women gain self-confidence, discipline, academic excellence, profound integrity, a healthy self-esteem and self-reliance. As educators, we are convinced that one of the most effective contributions to reshaping the future of the girl-child is education. We are aware of the overwhelming poverty particularly among the rural women and we want to change that devastating condition. Being in a rural setting, Kalungu gives us many possibilities.