RSCJ | St. Madeleine Sophie Home and Educational Centre, Chekalini

St. Madeleine Sophie Home and Educational Centre, Chekalini

St Madeleine Sophie Home was created to cater for the most marginalized mentally, and physical challenged children in the area. This home was opened in 2010 and provides a conducive atmosphere and a good environment for learning and working together as persons with special needs.

St. Madeleine Sophie Home and Educational Centre, Chekalini

When Sr. Becky visited the homes of the children whom she accepted for the home, most of them were tied under trees or to the side of the bed. Others were left helpless in their homes and were either given something to eat or left hungry, and so became malnourished.

There was a need to provide boarding for students with disabilities so as to reduce the travel. We did not want them, especially those with physical disabilities to travel back-and-forth on foot, on a bicycle or in wheelbarrows. Also it was to give these young people quality service and to empower them by enabling them to utilize their gifts. In the short time, we have worked with these young people; we are seeing a huge difference for the better.

Children of St. Madeleine Sophie Home and Educational Centre, Chekalini

There are two separate groups in the classroom. The first group is comprised of 10 students mostly working on daily activities. The second group is comprised of 7 students, who are more advanced and work with numbers and letters. There is also 1 boy who is doing rehabilitation work in the compound by cleaning and doing daily living activities for himself with supervision.

For physical exercises, they have balls, hula hoops and jump ropes. There is a great need for playground equipment like slides, swings, see- saws, merry-go-round and monkey bars.

Currently there are 10 members of staff. We are in need of two teachers. The major problem is lack of a stipend.

Recently, we started a sewing and jewellery project and the making of liquid soap. It is one of our future dreams to become self-sufficient. Another need is the fencing of the home. Often times those who are autistic walk away and this is dangerous. Also stray dogs come through and there is a great concern when these dogs don't have anti-rabies vaccinations.