RSCJ | Tertiary education in Kenya

Tertiary education in Kenya

Two RSCJ in Kenya are teaching at University level, one at The Catholic University of East Africa and one at Tangaza University College, Nairobi.

Below is a word from Sister Redempta Kulundu who lectures and works in administration at Tangaza University College, Nairobi.

"I belong to the Academic Board of the College and work as the Academic Advisor for the Institute of Spirituality and Religious Formation. In addition, I serve as Coordinator for Long Essays and teach Research Methodology.

"My students are Religious priests, sisters and nuns. The majority come to the institute to train as formators and spiritual guides. Some take the advantage of the program to prepare for final vows and others for personal renewal.

"Tangaza College is a sacred place for growth. I value the opportunity of serving in this international and multicultural institution."