RSCJ | Women for Peace, Moroto, Karamoja

Women for Peace, Moroto, Karamoja

Regina, blind woman catechist, preparing the blessing before the women begin their walk Singing and praying, the women pilgrims start off for the village of their choice where the women speak to the men about peace and about giving up raiding We have Peace Pilgrimages. The women, coming from neighbouring villages, report at the Parish in the evening. The following morning after Mass, we have the traditional blessing and prayer before setting out on foot to places we can reach: Naitakwae, Rupa, Loputuk, Kanakomol; six kilometres distance at the most.

As we walk, we pray for peace, sing and dance. On arrival at one of the places, we call the people to the meeting place. The men are gathered under a tress and we discuss with them matters of peace. It is amazing to see the exchanges between the women and the men and how the women challenge the men.

We finish with prayer and go home mostly satisfied with the work achieved.

The women in both the Women's Promotion and Women for Peace keep growing in self-esteem. They now speak freely in public without inhibition and with wisdom. At the beginning they were very shy and hardly spoke in public or to men.

Certainly the two programmes are worthwhile.